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Create your brand mascot today to maximize your customer satisfaction

Having a Brand Mascot enhances emotional connection with customers up to 41%

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Strong Relationship

Be friends with customers and create long-lasting relationship.

Effective Communication

Utilize Brand Messages and attract customers' attention.

Start creating your Brand Mascot from here.

Create a uniqueness to your brand and stand out in the market.

Ads that utilize a Brand's Character gain 6 times more attention than average ads.

Let’s get to know Minto better.

Minto’s Services

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Collab with Minto's Character 

Boost up brand awareness and sale promotion campaign by collaborating with our famous character.

Create your Brand’s Character

Create your own brand mascot to strengthen brand recognition and increase customer loyalty.

Digital Marketing

Grow your brand strategically, along with creative communication.

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Building a successful Mascot is a long Journey,
but Minto is here to support your brands.


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