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LINE Sticker has x2 higher cost efficiency on user acquisition cost


Minto is the leading character agency from Japan that created characters for stickers that recorded over 6 billion downloads in the world.

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Massive awareness

x2 cheaper user acquisition

LINE sponsored sticker has higher cost efficiency in user acquisition compared to some of other available channels.

x5 higher engagement rate

With Minto’s character on LINE Voom contents during and after the campaign, it can create x5 higher engagement at max.

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Stickers is the best tool for brands to reach end users. With the high shareability of stickers brand can create massive awareness.


How to collab with Minto Sponsored stickers?


Branded Costume

We create stickers based on our top characters with branded logos and designs.


With your brand mascot

We create stickers that collaborate with your branded mascot to create even higher awareness to your brand mascot.

Minto’s Services


Collab Minto Characters

We provide you our most famous characters that has over 6 billion DLs worldwide to collab on your  stickers, contents and more!

Premium Goods

We design you limited premium collab goods and run a campaign for you.

Sticker Design

We will leverage our best experiences and market data to produce engaging stickers for brands

Premium Goods


We design you limited premium collab goods and run a campaign for you.

Get to know Minto, the Japanese Character Agency that created over 6 billion sticker downloads in the world


Collaborate with world-class characters from Minto today to maximize your brand reach on LINE OA today. 


Contact Minto by clicking below.


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