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5 outstanding Character Marketing case study that every marketer need to know

Although Character Marketing has grown significantly in countries such as Japan, Korea, and Thailand, it is still considered a relatively new strategy in Vietnam. However, that does not limit its potential. In fact, this is the perfect time for Vietnam brands to explore how this potential trend has successfully penetrated the international market.
Let's look at some successful cases from famous brands using Character Marketing with Minto.

BT21 - BTS - a famous character marketing case study

It’s no longer strange to us about BTS - the 7 members boys group with multiple hit songs sweeping all music charts on Spotify, Billboard, Zing, Melon, Mnet, etc. In order to reach a larger customer database and bring them closer to the fans, BT21 is the 7 representatives and 1 fandom character of the group (ARMY) who carry each member's personality and distinctive features such as a dance-loving horse named MANG (J-hope), chubby-cheeked CHIMMY (Jimin), or cold-prone Alpaca RJ (Jin). Alongside the mascots is an attractive plot and diverse merchandise ranging from keychains, and decorations to shirts, etc. These adorable influencers have attracted millions of followers and orders from ARMY around the world.
Merchandise sites are constantly "sold out" thanks to the mascot’s cuteness and coverage frequency. It has impacted not only their fans but even people who don't know BTS, yet still choose to purchase for its eye-catching colors and favorable display locations, creating a “social proofing” mentality when everyone has a unique mascot in their hands, so “I should have it too!”.
In addition, the media effect is also widely spread from the constant collaborations with other brands such as LINE FRIENDS, Converse, Dunkin Donut, and Paris Baguette, which have brought positive results and revenue exceeding expectations for both parties even when the products combined with BT21 are sold at a more expensive price than usual, they are still in the target of various collectors and "sold out" within minutes.

FAT CAT- BAEMIN - a character marketing campaign in Vietnam

Fat Cat BAEMIN is a notable example of the thriving Character Marketing implication when entering the Vietnamese market. As a result, Baemin has become unforgettable in the heart of many people!
Inspired by the cat in the old tale “Puss in Boots”, mixed with the brand's signature mint green color, Baemin has a chance to approach closer to their target consumers. According to the plot, the cat has gradually convinced the mighty king that his poor owner is the rich earl, in order to marry his daughter (the princess). Fat Cat Baemin "borrowed" this element to affirm that he will overcome every challenge and conquer even the most demanding customers step by step. Not only that, but to target female customers, cats are one of the cute animals that are close to women. Therefore, the image of a fat cat brings a sense of reliability and solidity to many. Fat cat Baemin appears everywhere on advertising banners, social media, and also in funny short stories, which have brought his own remark to the brand identity and successfully attracts their target audiences.

DUO - DUO LINGO - an outstanding character marketing campaign

In the field of education, we cannot ignore a helpful study buddy who always reminds us to learn new languages - Duo from the Duo Lingo language learning app. Duo is the official mascot of Duolingo - a green owl. But why an owl? Well, because the owl symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and erudition.
Duo was once "viral" thanks to its humorous talk and witty reminders, advising learners to continue practicing their language. It constantly attacks users’ laziness and reminds them not to forget Duo. In addition, Duo also acts as a coach motivating people to achieve higher learning goals and guiding them on how to efficiently use Duolingo.

PTT THAILAND - a character marketing campaign in Thailand

Belongs to the national oil and gas group PTT Group. Godji is one of the most famous mascots in the "Land of the Golden pagodas" - Thailand. In order to bring a more friendly and approachable image to their partners, PTT group created a blue dinosaur mascot with the brand's signature blue and red colors wearing a bib imprinted with the word PTT. Due to the nature of the product, it is not easily accessible to customers. Therefore, PTT group has built Godji as an ambassador, helping PTT become tangible and easier to visualize when it comes to mind.
In its early days, Godji lacked prominent personality features and became overshadowed, from brand attributes to visual consistency are all in need of improvement. Therefore, PTT Groups worked with experts at MINTO to create an efficient character strategy to enhance, build a new look for the mascot, and match the latest trends.
In addition, Godji is also active on social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, and has his own stickers line. Godji regularly updates, educates, and celebrates major holidays around the world in the form of witty stories, bringing a positive image to the mascot and the brand.

TRUE VISIONS - a character marketing campaign in Thailand

True Visions is the largest television operator in Thailand with the right to own a number of popular Japanese character licenses in Thailand. Particularly, Pokemon - a familiar character for many generations is one of them. To optimize the power of the mascots, True Visions has collaborated with MINTO - an agency specialized in Character Marketing to come up with effective strategies. As a result, True Visions succeeded in developing a strategic plan for Rascal, Gaspard et. Lisa and Kapidara san, giving fans more access to the characters through digital channels and social media platforms. In addition to collaborating with celebrities and creating funny stories, True Visions also continuously updates the lovely moments of the mascots in our daily activities such as traveling, working, shopping, lunch, and afternoon tea. This has helped them get closer to the audience and become an un-missing part of everyone’s daily lives.


Character Marketing is a booming field that is currently being exploited widely by international brands. That’s why it’s time to hop on this potential trend and be one of the first pioneers in the Vietnamese market to implement the power it holds.

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