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Why does every mall need a mascot?

Shopping is considered one of the most important contemporary social activities and often occurs in shopping malls. This is the cradle of harnessing the power of place and an intuitive understanding of spatial structure to facilitate shopping.

Therefore, activational campaigns to attract potential consumers usually take place at the heart of the mall, where it is easy to stimulate shopper behavior through iconic designs and landscapes, evoking the urge for shopping in each individual. But what should we do to make the most of such a spatial environment? One of the best combinations that are perfect for large space models such as shopping centers is the application of mascots (Character Marketing) for online and offline promotional activities. Not only that, character marketing also contains hidden long-term benefits thanks to its uniqueness and distinctiveness, bringing huge revenue if used correctly for the right purpose.

The representative face

The shopping center is known as a place for shopping and entertainment. Therefore, the image that imprints in the mind of consumers is usually specific brands or outstanding activities instead of certain tangible things. That’s why mascot is a prerequisite choice that brings a consistent personality and image when the mall is mentioned, creating a stable brand identity that is not dominated by other brands or events.

Optimizing the customer journey experience

Online marketing influences offline behavior and vice versa for consumers. For that reason, being able to build a seamless experience from online to offline is a crucial thing that needs to be carefully considered and evaluated. Using the mascot as a natural bridge will help customers become closer to live activities at the mall. In addition, using mascots also stimulates an intriguing feeling when seeing online characters being reenacted direct at the mall.

The spirit of the party

Not only mascot is printed on product packaging and continuously promoted on social media, mascot can also be used as a hidden gem for special events at the mall, attracting hundreds of eyes thanks to its ability to express emotions through exotic body language. From there, things will become easier in convincing customers through the cuteness and quirkiness of these mascots.

Never out-of-date theme

Another outstanding advantage that the mascot can bring is the application in the design and decoration of the theme for the shopping mall. This helps create consistency in color, symbolism, and atmosphere, resulting in a positive effect with endless inspiration. In addition, the products displayed with mascots will be more eye-catching thanks to the uniformity in design, leading to visual stimulation and the desire to buy yourself a ton sur ton product.

Every staff is an ambassador

Mascots can also be used on merchandise such as clothes, decorations, tools, etc. Therefore, staff uniforms are no exception in this case. In particular, when applying mascots to uniforms, all employees become brand ambassadors since they can easily reach customers across the mall, helping to increase mascot awareness and interaction. Moreover, wearing a uniform with a mascot also increases the feeling of sociability, closeness, and professionalism in the eye of customers.


As a perfect option for online and offline campaigns, mascots can exploit the hidden potential in every mall. This is a new tactic yet not choosy, and appropriate for every given campaign. Become a partner of Minto - Agency with over 10 years of experience in Character Marketing in countries like Japan, Thailand, China, and Vietnam to optimize your campaigns.

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