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Start your TikTok Marketing with Minto today.

The recent study revealed that TikTok has 15% higher engagement rate than other platforms

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The next No.1 Social Platform

Gen-Z friendly App

Majority of Young users are no longer on Facebook. Instead they spend time on TikTok. More than 50% of Gen-Z user spend 2 hours ++ on TikTok daily.

More Brand Engagement

While Facebook decreased brand reach and engagement, TikTok has 15% higher engagement rate than other platforms.

Make a first step of your success on TikTok here


TikTok placed 2nd highest following Facebook in user base. (disclude chat apps)

Create your channel with Minto

TikTok has x3 higher cost efficiency than other social platforms for brands to reach audiences.

Minto’s Services


Strategic Planning

Minto will study your brand’s strength and story to create the communication and creative approach matches the demands of users on TikTok.

Contents Production

With the power of contents creation at Minto, we will create powerful engaging short video contents stay in the heart of your target audiences.

Project Management

Leave all the headache to us. We will manage your whole campaign from the begin to the end. Post management, ad optimization, and monthly analytical reports are on us.


Start creating massive engagements on TikTok with Minto TODAY


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